November 2017 Update

IRONMAN Month Is Here!


We are in the final push to the big event of the year, IRONMAN.  Many of our amazing members and officers have trained hard for this race and we cannot wait to see you out on the Tempe course.  Here is a list of members racing and their bib numbers.

Meredith Warner 1728                  AshleyWhiting 1299                 Jennifer Glasgow 1336       Paul Weigel 2685                        Danelle Fron 1781                      Eric Chernick 2138         David Hibbs 2243                        Bobbi Spargo 1902                   Lo Perez 2407                Rosario Patch 1465                      David Patch 2832                       Katie White 1592           Brian Conway 598                      Randy Mounts 2671                    Bridgit Egosque 1450        Ryan Kozlowski  2445                   Ric Spargo 3229


We at AZ TRI Club hope you have an amazing race and know that "we've got your back!"  

Cheer Station and Family Hub for IRONMAN

Don't forget, we are going 80's this year for the cheer station.  This is a fun event and our club always seems to go all out for it.  In the past we have had so many people give kuddos to the club for an all out station and we want to bring it again this year!  

YOUR FAMILY IS INCLUDED!  They have come from afar to watch you do this, and they have a place with us.  We are hoping to get some free food throughout the day to help keep the cheering crowd fueled and please make sure they know that their home is under our tent!

Racing and Training

October was a dynamite month of racing and heavy training.  We had many members out doing their thing and representing.  Congrats to all of our racers who did IRONMAN 70.3, Bartlett Lake, and Patagonia TRI!

Year End Events

11/11/2017- Pre-IRONMAN Party at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Please come and celebrate all of our amazing athletes, plus cap off the year with an amazing time of fellowship.  Its been a good year.  Lets get out of our spandex and enjoy some quality time together!

11/19/2017- IRONMAN!  We will be out on course all day to cheer on our athletes. PLEASE come and join us!  It will be a day worth celebrating!

TBD- New Years Party!  We will introduce the new season, sponsors and goals.  Don't miss it!

From Our Sponsors

 Cadence Running

1.  We have an event going on in store Tuesday November 7th, 5:30 pm with Jeff Galloway.  Everyone welcome!

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EVO Swim School

Here is our winter swim schedule: