March 2017 Update

Meet Officer Bob Norvelle: Sponsorship Coordinator

Where are you from? What is your story?

I'm an Air Force brat with 3 sisters. I was actually born at Lackland Air Force base a long time ago. Del Ann and I met in Stillwater, Oklahoma, got married in 1985, and moved to Mesa in 1996 when I was hired by a local car stereo company.

How about family? Kids?

We have 4 kids. Jessica is the oldest, she and her husband live in Gilbert and have a 5 month old girl, Evy. Then there's Rhys, recently married and stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson; Mack, who is in the Army at Ft. Hood, TX, and finally Stephen, a Marine at Camp Pendleton. I was never in the military, but the boys are making up for it.

What started you in triathloning?

A friend of ours at church asked us to be on his team for the Mesa Sprint Tri in 2014. We had a couple of bikes I inherited from my father, who was an avid cyclist (he did PAC tour 4 times), so we got them in shape thanks to Two-wheel Jones and started riding. Getting myself in shape was what took a little longer. That first race was slow, and I walked at least half of the 5k run, but as soon as I saw my finishing time, I was already figuring out how I could improve, and looking for another race to sign up for!

What is your favorite event? Why?

I think the Patagonia Lake Tri is my favorite. It's such a beautiful place to camp, the race is well organized, and of course having some teammates there makes it even better.

What is the 1 thing people may not know about you?

I haven't actually built one in a few years now, but I build and play acoustic guitars under the Spirit Guitars label.

What excites you about the AZ TRI Club?

I love seeing new people get excited about triathlons. It reminds me how I got hooked just a couple of years ago.  A big passion of mine is to help those that may be a little unsure of themselves grow and blossom as they get a few races under their belt.

Best Racing Experience?

Each race gets better than the last. As a relative newbie, my fitness level is still increasing, so I enjoy progressively better performances with each event.

Worst Racing Experience?

That's a tough one. For most of 2016 I was dealing with an injury that made running pretty painful, so that was frustrating. But you know, in every race you are pushing yourself so hard that its easy to say to yourself "everything hurts and I'm dying." That seems like it would be the worst, but then you finish and decide it was really awesome.

What's next for you? (Race wise)

I'm a glutton for punishment, so I think Bartlett Lake Olympic again in April. I would like to complete my first 70.3 in 2017, but haven't decided which one.

A Month of RACING! 

We had an incredible month of racing and our members, were out in full force representing the club!  Here is a huge shout out to everyone who raced (some in heavy rain!)

Desert Clasic Duathlon

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Lost Dutchman Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10k and 8k


The Phoenix Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10k

Antelope Canyon

This Month's Events

3/11/2017- Group Ride up to Sunflower!  Come and join us for a great ride full of climbing and conversation.  We will have a great SAG vehicle!

3/18/2017- Havasu Triathlon and Tough Man Half IRONMAN.

3/25/2017- Swim Clinic with EVO.  Come and learn the basics or hone your skills.  Improve your technique and spend some time with the club!

OWS- Keep posted on Meetup, we are starting up our regular trips out to Saguaro Lake soon!  Spring is here!

From our Sponsors

Two Wheel Jones-  

We would like to offer the same helmet deal as last month plus double team discount (20%) on all in stock and in store profile design products.

AzTri club members double dip discount! For the month of March double your club discount (20% OFF) when you purchase the Bontrager Balista aero helmet at Two-wheel Jones. This is the best balanced aero helmet on the market; super fast, light, and super ventilated for the Az heat. The Balista won the Bike Radar Aero helmet shootout as well as Aerogeeks top pick.

White Water- 

Thank you to everyone who helped us work the aid station at The Phoenix Marathon!  It was a great turnout and an even better race! White Water gives AZTRICLUB members 15% off. We do RO system sales, rental, filter changes, 5 gallon deliveries with alkaline as an option, Custom label bottles and water softeners. 

Rudy Project-  

For two weeks, Rudy Project is offering us at AZ Tri Club 60% off and 25% additionally off of sale items. This is greater than our already generous 50% off offer and a great time to grab some incredible gear, such as the brand new Fotonyk.!

EVO Swim Clinic- 

Please promote this link for our upcoming adult swim clinic