February 2018 Update

Why We Love Triathlon!


Its February, and love is in the air! If you are reading this then there is no doubt that you, like all of us at the AZ TRI Club, have fallen in love with all things triathlon.  There is just something in the kool aid, and we all want to drink it!  It got me thinking about why we do this?  What gives us this love for 3 sports and this drive to put them all together?  It's different for everyone and there is no doubt that everyone has a story, but for this months feature I asked our members to tell me what they love about this sport we call triathlon and I got some great responses.  

"I absolutely love the community! Everyone is so supportive.  It is fun.  It is challenging.  It has made me step outside of my comfort zone.  I like how it incorporates three sports and diversified training.....I could go on and on." ~Justine Bachner

"If you have to ask "why"? You'll never understand." ~Paul Weigel

"I love it because its preventing me from going back on my diabetes meds!" ~ Jamie Cunningham-Knudsen

"Because I look fantastic in spandex. I used to be the fat Dad, now I'm the fast Dad.  It keeps me healthy and I have great friends. Good times!" ~ Randy Mounts

"I love it because it gets Randy out of the house!" ~ Tricia Mounts (Randy's AMAZING wife)

"Why suck at 1 sport when you can suck at 3! Just kidding....I love this sport because it allows me to spend time with my wife doing something we both love.  Also it has allowed me to meed a lot great people." ~David Patch

"It has allowed me to not only meet a lot of amazing people while spending time outdoors training, but to also motivate each other, push and challenge each other, making us stronger, faster, and healthier." ~Brian Conway

"Because, whats NOT to love about pushing your body and mind to it's breaking point and coming out the other side stronger.........also.......I like to eat.....A LOT!" ~Stephanie Helbling

"Because it challenges me......and I get to eat a LOT of food!!!!........that and the incredible friendships made a long the way." ~Rosario Patch

"I love triathlon because it has taught me a lot about self love. Its given me incredible victories, but also shown me great weaknesses.  It has shown me that at the end of the day if you do not truly love yourself you will never find the depth of all that a sport like triathlon can give you." ~Bethany Longmire

A Huge Thank You to everyone who came out to the New Year's Party.  We had a bunch of members, both new and old, sponsors, and giveaways!  This year is going to be epic.

Training and Such

What a winter we are having!  The temperatures are amazing and you just can beat the views!  Congrats to everyone who raced the Rock N Roll races last month!  Keep training and moving towards the next!

Upcoming Events


2/17/2018- Powerman Arizona Duathlon

2/18/2018- Lost Dutchman Marathon

2/24/2018- Injury Assessment and Prevention Clinic- Join us at Endurance Rehab for a great clinic on how to keep injury free.

2/24/2018- Phoenix Marathon. We have a huge group of members racing.  Please come out and race or volunteer!  WHITE WATER will be hosting the mile 23 water stop.  Come on down and lend a hand if you aren't racing.

From our Sponsors

Just Wetsuits.com

Kristen and Brian from JustWetsuits.com and WetsuitRental.com are excited to partner with AZ TRI Club again this year.  Our business offers 7 brands of triathlon wetsuits, along with a variety of accessories like, tri bags, goggles, swim caps, and swim buoys.  Our warehouse is located in Chandler off of Ray and Hamilton.  If you are in the market for anything, need help navigating all the wetsuit jargon, or just want to take a look at the various brands and styles of wetsuits, we would be happy to set up an appointment for you to stop by.  Just give us a call.  Don’t forget we offer 20% off all new items for AZ TRI Club members!!

Don’t own a wetsuit but aren’t ready to invest in your own suit just yet?  Need a long sleeve suit but only own a sleeveless wetsuit?  Looking to try out a different brand?  We’ve got you covered because we also offer wetsuit rentals.  $45 gets you 2 weeks of rental so you can really get a feel for the suit before your race! 

We would like to invite you to join AZ Triathlon Time to Tri Facebook group page. This group page is to focus on bring the Arizona Triathlon Athletes together to share success stories and build this great sport that we enjoy.  We are here to help so please reach out to us with any questions!  Best of luck to all athletes this season!!