February 2017 Update

Meet Officer Katie White: Volunteer and Event Coordinator

What's your story?  Where are you from?

I grew up in a small town in Iowa. Went to nursing school right away, graduated and moved to Palm Springs, CA for the adventure. I met a really cute guy that lived in Mesa, AZ so chased him here!. We decided the kids are getting too big too fast so I am no longer working as a nurse. I currently work part time for White Water doing some bookkeeping and accounting. LOVE MY JOB!

How about family? Kids?

I am kind of biased but I have such a great family. I have been married for 14 years to Chris White and we have an 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son. I could go on and on about how wonderful my family is but you will just have to run or bike with me if you want to hear more about them!

What started you in triathlon?

I love this story... Bridgit asked me to volunteer at a triathlon in Tempe, so the kids and I went to hand out water and nutrition. This was my first time observing a triathlon. I loved it and had so much aww for the racers. I had an adrenaline rush just watching them, I wanted so badly to do it too! Then one of the guys in our group said, "Katie, you should do a triathlon." I jumped at it and I owe a huge thanks to Bridgit for asking me to volunteer and then selling me her bike! She got me doing triathlons, which has evolved into my husband, my brother in law, his wife and my kids all doing triathlons too!

What is your favorite event? Why?

What is your favorite event? why? My favorite event is the Phoenix Marathon. The Phoenix Marathon is special because we have made it a family event. My husband sponsors the water and has a water station at mile 23, where you will see White Water employees and their family's handing out water and even playing in a band.  We have also recruited some people from AZ TRI club to volunteer this year as well! You will also see my parents and my in laws there too! In the race this year my husband and son are running the half and my daughter is running the 10k with my mother in law and sister in law. I was thinking we should have a giant party after the race but I know I will be crippled, unless the party involves cryotherapy. Hey- there is a good idea! 

What is the 1 thing people may not know about you?

Tough question, I am pretty much an open book. Probably that I was pretty much non-athletic in school. I tried every sport, I enjoyed the sports and hanging with friends, I just wasn't very good at them. The coach would put me in at the last minute because they pretty much had too, this was humiliating! By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I just stuck with cheerleading and cross country. 

What excites you the most about the AZ TRI Club?

THE PEOPLE!! I love this group and the support by everyone involved. Getting to know different people and how they got into the sport is so much fun! There is never a lack for anything to talk about, just talk about the "next" race! I also enjoy the meet ups that we have. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the clinics, open water swims, rides and runs and whatever else is offered. They are always fun and educational! Knowledge is power and it is important to do smart training. 

Best racing experience?

Best racing experience? My favorite race was my first, Esprit de She. It was a super sprint and I took podium.  That was the bug that bit me to get me hooked! They served wine afterwards too! Wow, how could this not be my favorite race!

Worst Racing Experience?

My worst race was the Tempe International in 2016. It was the worst for a very simple reason. I didn't train! I hadn't been on the bike for at least 2 weeks prior. It was a great lesson that I really need to train!

What's next for you? (Race Wise)

Currently I am training for my favorite marathon, the Phoenix Marathon! I am not signed up for many other races yet.  I will sign up for most of the local races though! My big race is Ironman AZ in November. I find that if I am not signed up for something, I don't have the same motivation to get out there to run, bike or swim.

Welcome New Members!!!!!

We at AZ TRI Club are so very excited to welcome all of our new and returning members for the 2017 training and racing season.  Our New Year's Party was a great success and that is because of you!  We cannot wait for the year ahead.  Welcome to all of our new athletes:

MaryAnn Viscusi

David Fowler

Paul Ivanich

Frederick Szatkowski

Mark Marey

Stephanie Rice

Sevy Gambs

Brian Conway

Jeanette Jensen

Rob Jensen

Eric Chernick

Jamie Cunningham

Gabe Phillips

Paul Weigel

Mark Waring

Danelle Fron

Events, Races and Training

The year has just begun and we are already busy training and racing in the new year.  How exciting!  Keep up the good work and a big shout out to all of the people who raced the Rock N Roll Phoenix races.  

Next Month:  What's Happening

2/4/2017- Phoenix Marathon Pre Course Training Run.  The event is on Meetup, come and get your long run in!

2/5/2017- XTERRA McDowell Mountain Trail Run

2/18/2017- Desert Classic Duathlon

2/19/2017- Lost Dutchman Marathon/Half Marathon/10k/8k

2/25/2017- Phoenix-Mesa Marathon and Half Marathon

From our Sponsors

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Cadence Running Company-

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2.  Mary Knott is now adding athletes to her coaching roster for the 2017 season!  Contact her at love2run26also@yahoo.com if you are interested.

3.  Anyone who takes advantage of the clothing clearance sale will also be entered into a drawing for free TYR training and racing gear!  Please mention that you are part of the AZ Tri Club to be entered into the drawing!



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