December 2017 Update

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who came to race at IRONMAN Arizona!  The day brought a host of challenges and you all came to play!  I asked some of our IRONMAN participants to describe the day in a couple sentences.  Some of these are pretty great!

"Where else would you rather spend 11 or more hours with 2500 of your best friends trying not to get blown off the Beeline, blow up bathrooms, and blown up on the run? IMAZ!!" ~Brian Conway

"12 hours of self discovery. 140.6 miles of very high moments and 20 miles of dark thoughts that cause the stomach to turn with doubts and reflection on what went lead to 100 yds of OMG I made it and there are my friends to celebrate with...." ~ Randy Mounts

"Well, forgot my timing chip, a volunteer took my bag with my wetsuit in it, in which my wife had to beg the tent to sell her a $400 ROKA at 6:45 as the National Anthem was playing.  HR monitor didn't work, but all in all something to look back and laugh about as IM #1 is in the books!" ~Ryan Kozlowski

"Set the bar too high and be prepared for disappointment.  Be happy with what your body is physically able to achieve and enjoy every moment." ~Bridgit Egosque

"First DNF ever.  Two spare tubes are never enough on the Beeline and 650 wheel suck!" ~Danelle Fron

"Its not always about the finish, it's the journey I loved the most!" ~ Katie White

"In spite of our fears we toed the start line, we overcame the obstacles and we succeeded.  That's IRONMAN, pushing the limits you never thought you could reach!!" ~ Rosario Patch

"After falling on the bike and spraining my ankle on mile 18 of the run I felt like death, but crossing that finish........I have never felt more alive!  Time to focus on some sprints.......maybe super sprints!" ~Ashley Whiting

"Sleepless nights, many liters of tears and a lot of fear there was always a light.  Loved the effort I gave and had a blast.  I smiled from the moment I hit that water to the moment I crossed and heard my name.  Despite the flat tire and a slight moment of doubt which I over came.....I have never been more proud of myself and fellow friends to be an IRONMAN!" ~Jennifer Glasgow

"So....glad.....I.....Finished......wonder what the next one will be?" ~Paul Weigel

"DNF due to injury.  Signed up for IMAZ 2018 because you know what they say.......if at first you don't succeed, tri tri again!" ~ Bobbi Spargo




Thank you to everyone who came to our pre-IRONMAN party!  We had a great time and are so thankful for each and everyone of you.  


If you weren't racing IMAZ this year it still was a busy month full of racing and events.  From the Splash and Race, Ignite the Fork TRI, Reverse TRI, Turkey Trots and just plain having fun.

Looking Forward

Its that time of year, that time to sit back, relax, spend time with the family and enjoy the hard earned spoils of the year!  There are still a few more races but we hope that you all will enjoy this holiday season as we gear up for the next year! We will be having a NEW YEARS Party so keep your eyes out for details on that.  We are finalizing our 2018 sponsors and discount partners and will be revealing all of the secrets and goodies in the new year!

From our Sponsors 

We are offering the club a 30% discount on all purchases for the month of December on  This would allow everyone to purchase those stocking stuffers and presents.   We are also selling used Aqua Sphere Pursuit Mens and Womens Suits for $125 for Full Sleeve and $100 for Sleeveless. 

The coupon code to use on the website will be AZ30. 

If you are interested in a used suit please call Brian Suddarth at 602-689-1502

Rudy Project- 

We are running our Free Gear Deal until supplies run out!  Buy a select performance sunglass and get up to $550 worth of free gear including a helmet, backpack, and spare lens while supplies last. The team gets 30% off the sunglasses as well to make it even cheaper!