AZ TRI Club Store is Now OPEN!!!

The time has arrived and we cannot think of any better gift to give yourself this holiday season than the gift of a brand new AZ TRI Club kit!  Not only will you look fantastic at all your 2017 races, but you will be joining a great group of athletes and have access to all the member benefits (they are good too!)

Now here is the best part!  VR7 had decided to sponsor us which means.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.  We all get 50% off our purchase. WHAT??!!!! Yes, you read that right.  So when you purchase your gear be sure to include the discount code, AZTRICLUB.

The store will be open through the first week of January and we will have a couple "fit kit" meetings where you can come and try on the sizes so that you get the perfect fit for you.  

Thank you for your patience throughout this process and we all at AZ TRI Club cannot wait to race 2017 with you!

Here is the link for the team Store! Don't forget your discount code!