April 2017 Update

Sponsor Highlights

This month we are going to begin highlighting our sponsors and introducing the incredible businesses that have partnered with AZ TRI Club to make your triathlon journey that much better!  This month we are going to hear from Cadence Running Commpany, Bike Accident Attorneys and Just Wetsuits.

Cadence Running Company

What is the history of your business?

Cadence Running Company opened it's doors in 2013.  I had been managing running specialty stores in Illinois and Arizona for over 15 years, so when the opportunity arose to open my own store we took it.  

You love what you do.......why?

I have found it rewarding over the years to help people find the appropriate shoe for their needs, overcome injury, and run healthy.  Frankly, I just love to run and hope to share that passion with others. My belief, which is the principle that Cadence Running Company is founded on, is that we should take the time to establish a relationship with clients, not just sell shoes to people who want to run.  By understanding your history, your injuries, your goals and by analyzing your gait, we can help maximize your running experience.  We want to fit you with the appropriate shoe for you.  Once you have the right shoe, we want to work with you to make sure you are running with proper technique and form to minimize risk of injury.  I believe that with hard work, any goal is within reach.  

How does your business benefit our members?

Aside from the obvious product discount, getting properly fitted for running shoes will help AZTriClub members maximize their overall triathlon experience-- maintain longevity in the sport and be able to focus on enjoying training while minimizing injury.  We also offer 5 group runs each week, members can test their fitness in a track workout, a speedy group run on Thursday mornings, or enjoy a social recovery run on Tuesday nights.  

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

All of our employees have years of experience in the sport and are very knowledgeable and well trained on the process of evaluating run form.  No one works on commission, and there are no "minimums" or "quotas" to meet.  We are not just here to sell product, but to make sure that when you do need something, you're getting the right thing to meet your needs.  We've been chosen as the number one retail store in Gilbert for customer service 2 years in a row.  We take pride in this and hope that everyone has a great experience at Cadence.  Without our loyal customers, we wouldn't be here.  

I know I already mentioned how amazing our staff is, but they truly are the best.  We have track athletes, hundred mile ultrarunners, trail runners, 5k and half marathon specialists, and ironmen.  As you can probably imagine, we've tested every product out there and have chosen only the best to carry in store.  This includes nutrition, hydration, socks, bottles, clothing, etc.  

If you haven't tried out the Recovery Corner in our store you're missing out!  Come by after a hard training day or race and spend a little time in the Recovery Pump Boots.  You've earned it!

Bike Accident Attorneys

What is the history of your business?

I have represented cyclists since 2006. However when I lost my father in law due to a bike wreck in 2013 I changed my focus and started an entire firm separate and dedicated to representing just cyclists. It was a turning point for me. I have never looked back and for the first time in my professional career as an attorney I am happy with what I do and the daily grind has disappeared all together. It is such a niche practice that my expertise has grown with some national recognition and I have cases coast to coast. I often travel out of state for complex bicycle cases for my clients. I now manage a national network of bicycle attorneys as well and help them develop their skill set and practice.

You love what you do.......why?

Bicycles. Bicycles. Bicycles. And more bicycles. lol. No seriously, I love riding my bike and now it just seems that my work is so bicycle related that I get to keep a finger on the pulse of the bicycle industry. I love that. But as much as I love the bicycle world I love the bicycle people more. My favorite part about my job is hands down the cyclists. They are incredible and they inspire me to be a better person and a better cyclist. I get deep satisfaction out of helping them in their time of need. I love supporting the bicycle community as well by actively participating in events, and sponsoring many local events. Every once in a while I stop and catch myself smiling inside because of how lucky I am to be a part of this awesome cycling community.

How does your business benefit our members?

Lets just say I hope the members of the AZ Tri Club never need my services. But I am here if they ever do.

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

As a personal injury attorney there are only about 4 of us in the entire country who can say they focus their entire practice on bike wrecks. Typically PI attorneys take whatever comes in the door regardless of the nature of the accident. Not only am I an avid and committed cyclist, I focus an entire law firm on representing cyclists.

Lets go ride together sometime!

Just Wetsuits

What is the history of your business?

Just Wetsuits was started by a couple who’s daughter owned Triple Sports in Scottsdale.  He saw a need to help triathletes find the correct wetsuit needed for each individual, giving them as many brand choices as possible to accommodate each athlete’s needs.  Brian and I, both triathletes, found this business for sale in 2015 and were excited to be a part of a community we loved so much.  We have owned Just Wetsuits for two years now and have enjoyed every opportunity to assist athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities to find the right wetsuit for them.  It can be quite overwhelming when you look at websites and terminology gets confusing.  We do our very best to help calm the waters and assist in getting the right suit for each person.

You love what you do.......why?

We love HELPING people.  We are “people” people!  Brian and I were once the customers feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to pick a wetsuit.  They aren’t cheap investments either so we know how important it is to get the right one.  This sport has such an awesome community of people and all we want to do is make something a little less overwhelming to triathletes!  It’s also such a great feeling when we get phone calls and emails telling us about how customers have just swam their fastest race yet, or how they were never able to swim in the cold lakes of New York in November until we got them the right wetsuit.  Their Thanksgiving was the best one they have ever had because it gave them the chance to do something they never thought they could with this new wetsuit.  If we can alleviate some stress, especially for those new triathletes, it gives us such joy.

How does your business benefit our members?

We not only offer 7 brands of wetsuits to choose from (the largest of any triathlon wetsuit store), we also pride ourselves on customer service.  We have also extended a 20% discount to your members (coupon code: AZTri20) on your entire purchase.   We are also excited to offer the demo day on May 13th for your members to try out various brands and their models to help ensure you are happy with your purchase.   We also offer many other accessories on our website as well as wetsuits, from bags to goggles, swim buoys to thermal swim socks.  If there are any issues that arise with your purchase, we will do our best to ensure the manufacturer takes care of it!

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

Primarily our customer service, as well as our selection.   We are available every day to answer questions, help sift through information, and determine what’s best for each person and their wallet.  We also offer a free care kit (Body Glide, Seal Cement, Zipper Care and Wetsuit Shampoo) when you purchase a new model wetsuit, a $30 value.  Because we are also triathletes, we know what it feels like to jump in the water in the wrong size wetsuit and how it affects your swim.  We know how to repair cuts when you are in a hurry and dig your nails into your new wetsuit unknowingly.  We understand the differences between one suit and another, and can explain that to you so you can feel confident in your purchase instead of guessing on sizing or model options.   In a world where customer service seems to have been forgotten, we go above and beyond whenever possible!

We are excited to be a part of AZ TRI Club and help athletes, seasoned and brand new, get what they need to make their race a little less stressful.  We are always available to answer questions and give pointers.  Feel free to call us, email us or send us a message on our Facebook page.  We love pictures of our customers with their new gear too so be sure to send us those too! 

March Happenings

Well, things are ramping up on the triathlon front here at the club.  Training is in full swing and we are already out and about!  Congrats to all of those who raced in the Lake Havasu triathlon!  We also had a handful of people participate in the Xterra Black Canyon Races and the Ragnar Del Sol!  Way to show your colors!

Big Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the EVO Swim Clinic we had this past month.  It was a great day of honing skills and finding places for improvements!

On the Horizon

We have a lot to look forward to over the coming months!  So many exciting things are happening and we want you to be a part of it!

4/1/2017- IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3.  Wishing our members racing some fast vibes!

4/8&9/2017- Phoenix Triathlon Weekend- Hosted by Racelab, this event is open to any and all triathletes and clubs.  Excellent training on both days including an OWS, trail run, bike ride and lake run!  

4/9/2017- Bartlett Lake Triathlon!  We have some members racing, come on out and cheer!

4/15/2017- VO2 Max Test and HR Zone Training for Endurance Athletes.  Ever heard, "I gotta stay in my zone" while riding with someone?  Well you do not want to miss this event all about understanding those zones.  The incredible Anna Sanders will be walking us through a VO2 Test while giving us the basics on why it is so beneficial and important!

4/22/2017- Rocky Point Triathlon!  Viva la Mexico!!!!  Join us as we head over the border for a weekend of racing and party!  Lots of Tri Clubbers going.  Don't miss out!  Even if you aren't racing come on down and cheer!

4/27/2017- Endurance Recovery Party-  Our very own sponsor Endurance Rehab will be hosting a great event on recovering after injury.  Space is limited.  See the flyer below!

4/30/2017- Cactus Man Triathlon-  This is a new one for most of us, but we think its going to be a good addition to the spring triathlon lineup!

5/6/2017- Sahuarita Triathlon-  this is a great weekend racing event!

5/13/2017- Labor Day Picnic and OWS out at Canyon Lake.  Come one, come all, bring your family and your wetsuit.  Come and enjoy a day at the lake with a great open water swim followed by good eating.  Just Wetsuits will be on site and will be demoing wetsuits!  This is a great time to try out a new brand!  If you would like to demo, please head over to the link below and fill out the info so that they can be sure to bring enough wetsuits!


From Our Sponsors


EVO Swim School- Our coaches workouts will begin in April. 


Endurance Rehab: