November 2017 Update

IRONMAN Month Is Here!


We are in the final push to the big event of the year, IRONMAN.  Many of our amazing members and officers have trained hard for this race and we cannot wait to see you out on the Tempe course.  Here is a list of members racing and their bib numbers.

Meredith Warner 1728                  AshleyWhiting 1299                 Jennifer Glasgow 1336       Paul Weigel 2685                        Danelle Fron 1781                      Eric Chernick 2138         David Hibbs 2243                        Bobbi Spargo 1902                   Lo Perez 2407                Rosario Patch 1465                      David Patch 2832                       Katie White 1592           Brian Conway 598                      Randy Mounts 2671                    Bridgit Egosque 1450        Ryan Kozlowski  2445                   Ric Spargo 3229


We at AZ TRI Club hope you have an amazing race and know that "we've got your back!"  

Cheer Station and Family Hub for IRONMAN

Don't forget, we are going 80's this year for the cheer station.  This is a fun event and our club always seems to go all out for it.  In the past we have had so many people give kuddos to the club for an all out station and we want to bring it again this year!  

YOUR FAMILY IS INCLUDED!  They have come from afar to watch you do this, and they have a place with us.  We are hoping to get some free food throughout the day to help keep the cheering crowd fueled and please make sure they know that their home is under our tent!

Racing and Training

October was a dynamite month of racing and heavy training.  We had many members out doing their thing and representing.  Congrats to all of our racers who did IRONMAN 70.3, Bartlett Lake, and Patagonia TRI!

Year End Events

11/11/2017- Pre-IRONMAN Party at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Please come and celebrate all of our amazing athletes, plus cap off the year with an amazing time of fellowship.  Its been a good year.  Lets get out of our spandex and enjoy some quality time together!

11/19/2017- IRONMAN!  We will be out on course all day to cheer on our athletes. PLEASE come and join us!  It will be a day worth celebrating!

TBD- New Years Party!  We will introduce the new season, sponsors and goals.  Don't miss it!

From Our Sponsors

 Cadence Running

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Mindful Living for the Modern World: 21-day Challenge | Yogi Triathlete | Yoga, Triathlon and Plant Power

EVO Swim School

Here is our winter swim schedule:


October 2017 Update

AZ TRI Club 2017

There are so many amazing members that are not in this picture, but here is the bulk of our incredible club!  Thank you to everyone who came out for the team ride, picture and BBQ.  For those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you!

Moving towards IRONMAN

Well, last month we decided on our theme for the cheer tent.  We are going to go all out with the 80s.  So bring your neon, high hair, slouch socks and spandex and cheer on our teammates to an IRONMAN Finish!  


We have many great events coming up to celebrate and gear up for this big day.  Don't miss it!  Stay posted on FB and through the club!  We can't wait to see you!

Training and Racing News

The heat is abating and we were all out in full force last month!  We had several members racing in various races including the Santa Cruz 70.3 and the Tempe Tri.  Way to go everyone for being out there and representing!

Upcoming Events

10/14/2017- KONA World Championship viewing at Cadence Running company!

10/22/2017- IRONMAN Arizona 70.3

10/28/2017- Patagonia Lake Triathlon

11/11/2017- PRE IRONMAN Party.  This is a BIG deal guys!  We not only send off our awesome IM athletes with a bang, but we close out the year and look forward to the next!  Put it on your calendars and BE THERE!

11/19/2017- IRONMAN Arizona 2017.  Put it con your calendars and if you aren't racing grab your neon and lets cheer!

From our Sponsors

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September 2017 Update

IRONMAN is Coming!

The big finish to our triathlon year, the Tempe IRONMAN is mere months away.  This year we have a host of AZ TRI Club members competing and racing including most of our officer force.  With the advent of IRONMAN upon us we want to get a jump on all the logistics that go into making this event fun and supportive not only for our incredible members, but for all of their families and WE NEED YOU!  

As a member, if you are not racing, your support whether behind the scenes, out on the course or under the tent matters, BIG TIME.  Please put November 19th on your calendar and join us all at IRONMAN.  Here are the ways you can help:

  • Help us decide on a theme: Where's Waldo, 80's Theme, Minions or Pick a Theme!
  • Help us set up the tent and prepare for the race on the Saturday before
  • Help us on race day man the tent, pick up food and support the families or the racers.
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  If you are interested in playing a vital role this year please email info@aztriclub.  We need you!!!

Stay tuned as more information will be coming on how you can help.  This is a fun event, but requires a lot of help.  Come out and support our racers!

The Month in Training and Racing

Congratulations to all the members who raced Mountain Man.  We had many podiums and strong finishes.  We also had an excellent showing at the Embrace the Heat ride and of course have been out and about training in full force!

Upcoming Events

9/17/2017-  Lifetime TRI Tempe. We have many people racing and participating, come down and cheer!

9/23/2017- TEAM Ride, BBQ and Picture.  We have got to get a team picture!  Come and join a great ride (multiple distances available) and enjoy a great morning!

9/30/2017- Rocky Point PM.  Some of our members will be headed across the border for the inaugural Rocky Point PM race.  Its gonna be a blast!  

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Evo Swim Clinic-  We have a new location.  Please click on the link and come in and see us.

Endurance Rehab- 

Endurance Rehab is pleased to offer Powerstep custom fit orthotics at our Mesa location

Cost: originally $295; discount for AZTriClub $225 (with initial evaluation performed and billed through insurance).

Custom fit orthotics made in office allowing you to go home with them on the same day!

August 2017 Update

Staging a Comeback: Rising Again after a Setback

By Bethany Longmire

I will admit, one of my greatest fears is dealing with an injury or major illness.  Being in top physical shape, its hard to imagine all of that changing in 1 day due to an unavoidable accident, missplaced foot or diagnosis.  We work so hard to stay healthy and be strong and lets face it, setbacks can really be a downer.  While I have never had a heavy hitting injury, I have fought myself back to fitness after having 2 babies.  It's not quite the same, but it was a little taste of what staging a comeback might feel like.  Its hard......really hard and certainly not for the faint of heart.  

This month 4 of our members have graciously agreed to share a little bit of their comeback story and I cannot tell you how uplifted and inspired I have been interviewing them.  Bob Norvelle was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery to remove it.  His life changed in a day and yet his positive character and endurance drive has motivated him to keep pressing forward. David Hibbs suffered a painful foot injury, successfully stalling his IRONMAN attempt and setting him back a while.  He has adjusted his goals and set his sights on recovery.  He will be back I have no doubt. Paul Weigel is not new to the setback/comeback journey.  He has survived cancer and has had multiple surgeries including 2 hip replacements. His positive energy and consistent will are inspiring. Bridgit Egosque suffered a hip fracture and has endured a hip pinning surgery.  Her sights are still set on an IRONMAN finish and she is fighting hard.  All 4 of these athletes have endured and are still enduring the comeback highs and lows.  I am grateful for their willingness to share a bit of their story with us.

What kind of emotions did you feel when you realized you had to step away from doing what you love to recover and heal?

BN: Honestly, my triathlon training didn't seem very significant at first, there were just too many other things at stake. It was hard to hear that I should not do anything for at least 6 weeks after surgery, but Del Ann and a couple of close friends made me promise I would wait.

DH:  I was really bummed out when I broke my foot. Was hoping to carry some of the good fitness gains I had the prior year into this year when I attempt to do a full Ironman.

PW: Some of my emotions have varied from despair to resignation.  Some times I was supposed to take time off to recover and heal, I didn't. And in those cases, still fighting through my pain made me a better person as a result.

BE: I was devastated. I was weeks out from my 1st Ultra 50 miler race and all that training resulted in nothing but injury. And then the rest of my race year flashes many races I couldn't compete in.

Do you think your endurance and triathlon background has helped or hurt your ability to weather your "storms"?

BN: Absolutely, there is no doubt in my mind:

  • Being in great physical condition made me a better candidate for surgery, and reduced my recovery time.
  • Having endured many long rides/runs/swims has given me the mindset that I can generally outlast any unfavorable circumstance.
  • Patience- something I realized during the swim in my first Olympic triathlon. I was about half way through the swim, feeling like I was going to die, and consumed with how far I had left to swim. Something whispered (maybe it was Dory) "just swim, don't worry about the finish line. You can swim, can't you?". That was a real turning point for me in triathlon, and that mindset has helped with this comeback.

DH: Training is usually my time to de-stress so not being able to do any form of exercise for several months made it really hard. But one thing you learn in triathlon is to control the controllables and let everything else fall into place. Had to just focus on getting myself back healthy before worrying about anything else. Was also great to spend time with family knowing the training will reduce the amount of time I get to spend with all of them.

PW:  Cancer blinked.  Damn straight.  Being an IRONMAN triathlete allowed doctors to take risks on me that they wouldn't have on others, and is probably a big reason why I'm still alive today.

BE: My background had definitely helped the recovery process. Being a multi sport athlete I was able to still work out, which is a huge part of my lifestyle

How has suffering a setback changed your approach to life, triathlon and training?

BN: This setback has made us even more grateful. For life, family, health, everything. It has reminded me that we're not guaranteed any particular length of time, and that we should make the most of every moment and season. I am more convinced now that our bodies are amazing creations, and using them to the fullest potential is a form of gratitude and worship to the Creator.

DH: Reminded me that we are lucky that we get to do this for fun! Live in the moment and make the best of it.

PW:  Life is way too short not to live it to its fullest.  I try to pay attention to that all the time.

BE: I have learned to be more patient, seek the advise of many many others and to always question and do my own research. The practice of medicine can be just doctors "practicing" things on you. And serious people, always take your supplements!!! Women take your Calcium and Vitamin D!!!

Be honest.....have you ever felt like just giving up on the whole "having a comeback" thing?

BN: YES! But only for a few minutes at a time, lol.

DH: Never felt like giving up but definitely had to reset expectations on the time and effort it takes to get back.

PW: More times than I can count.

BE: Never, my perspective on what my personal comeback has been modified for sure. I'll never give up, that's never crossed my mind.

Recovery is hard.....really hard.  What has been the hardest part for you?

BN: You have good days and bad days. I have found the worst bad days come right after the best good days. For me, when I'm feeling good, I tend to squeeze the gas pedal a little harder than I should. That results in several days of my body recovering from the activity while it is still recovering from the surgery. It's been hard to find that level of exertion that doesn't put me over the edge, and it's impossible to compare with what I was doing prior to the setback. This was demonstrated last Saturday on the Sunflower ride- I only made it 16 miles!

DH: Hardest part is being patient and going through the process.

PW: The biggest challenge with recovery is never knowing when the comeback is done.  Some people would say my first race proved I made it back.  I'd say I'm still trying to get there.

BE: The hardest part is having to be sidelined and watch all your dear friends and team mates crush goals and race races. It's hard to cheer and be supportive for others on races I was signed up for and should be racing too, although many won't ever admit this one.

What words of wisdom would you give to someone just starting their setback/comeback journey?

BN: Faith and patience! Pushing hard too early can set you back to square 1, but just like we all just keep swimming, biking and running- we will make it to the finish line. We always do :)

DH: I don't have any wisdom and still working on coming back so for now I'd say Just enjoy the process and be patient.

PW: When your back is against the wall, you just gotta do what you gotta do.  :)

BE: Always seek two opinions, always. Never see just one doctor. Don't play the victim and don't blame others. All we can do is have a positive attitude and move forward through recovery. Also know when we start back we have to forget what past capabilities we had and start from scratch. 

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input.  I think for me reading this I came away with a couple of really big pointers.  Number one is that life is a series of highs and lows. The ups and downs of life are what give life its richness.  If you experience a setback, frustration, loss and fear are all part of the territory, but joy, achievement and empowerment are also part of it.  Your attitude and approach to the setbacks of life and training matter.  Number two......coming back is hard for everyone.  If you are tired......somebody is there too.  If you want to give up....guaranteed someone else has been there too.  If you have doubts....I know you aren't the only one. Staging a comeback back isnt about finding a singular victorious moment, but rather the journey to a more grateful, empowered, enriched and stronger you.

Training Racing and Doing our Thing!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Mountain Man races earlier this month.  We also have had several Sunrise Series runners and plenty of members out and about making triathlon look good!  Keep training!  Fall race season is on the horizon!

Upcoming Events

8/13-14/2017- Mountain Man Triathlon Half and Olympic.  Join us in the gorgeous Flagstaff area for a great weekend of racing!

8/19/2017- The Epic Embrace the Heat ride to Payson.  This one is a good one!  We have several members who will be participating!  Come and join us.

From our Sponsors

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Rudy Project- We are running a promo for free shipping on orders over $100 through August 7th!  And don't forget, AZ TRI Club members can shop with a discount.  Check it out under member information on the website!

Evo Swim Clinic- The new Mesa Center is open!  Come and check it out.

July 2017 Update

Get to know our Coaches:  Dawn Brooks Endurance Coaching

You love coaching......why?  

I don’t know what to say other then it is in my blood!  From the time I started teaching group fitness classes, personal training and coaching I have never looked back!  I get so excited helping people and helping them go through the process of making it work for them.  Being able to help and motivate someone to reach his or her overall fitness goal is the most amazing experience.  I am a huge believer that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Helping people take the steps necessary to get them to their “impossible” dream is so fulfilling.

Tell us a bit about you, what is your background?

My background that got me to coaching was over a very long life journey.  It started when I was in my young 20’s and started to tip the scales at 200lbs. I began educating myself on diet and exercise and was able to drop off 60 of those lbs.  I then met my second husband in my late 20’s and shortly after our wedding he was diagnosed with a terminal disease called ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  This is a neurological disease that stops the nerves from the brain to muscle from working and the person loses all control of their muscles while their brain stays fully aware.  Literally like being trapped in your body. During that time I became his full time caregiver and helped nurse him through his end of life.  Watching someone’s body deteriorate and not being able to do anything about it, you can imagine was a very stressful time in my life. I started coping through this with going to school for health and fitness and staying very active.  I wanted to learn everything fitness.  I finished school and then got all of my certifications for group fitness and personal training.  I think being able to actually help people change their bodies helped me deal with the fact that I couldn't help change my husbands.

My husband passed in the Dec of 2012 and this is where my IRONMAN journey began.  This had been something I had wanted to do for a while but could not invest the time into the training because of caring for my husband.  I had done many tri’s both Olympic and Sprint distance, Bike races, and Marathons but not the full IRONMAN.  I volunteered in 2013 and was ready to go when the gun went off in 2014!  My first IRONMAN was such an amazing experience, and I knew immediately it was my destiny to help others achieve this incredible goal.  I went to training in Connecticut and got my USAT certification to become a triathlon coach.  I followed that up with tons of continuing education classes including the IRONMAN University training and got my IRONMAN Coaching certification to add to my list.

What would you say are your specialties?

That's a tough one. I am knowledgeable in all aspects of triathlon and endurance training.  I would say Endurance training with weight training would be my specialty.  Not a lot of coaches emphasize the weight training that should be incorporated into an endurance training schedule.  I feel I am very good at getting people to their end goal in an endurance event safely and without injury or illness.  I am a very hands on coach who constantly assesses my athletes and makes corrections where needed in order for my athletes to deliver their best performance.

Give us some of your top tips for each area of triathlon?

Swimming: I always encourage my athletes to get out and do open water swims regularly practicing sighting and buoy turns. I feel that this best helps them prepare for their race (providing that it is open water) and gets them used to the conditions. It also allows them to wear their wetsuits and experience that feel.  While racing, I think it is important the athlete remains calm and doesn't waste energy on being angry at the people hitting and kicking them.  Stay strategic and get out of the way of overly aggressive people.  Wasted energy in the swim is energy lost from your run.

Cycling:  A big tip for cycling is to know your zones.  Everyone is different. During an IRONMAN distance race you are going to be spending the majority of time on your bike and if you don’t know your heart rate zones you could be setting yourself up for a horrible run!  One mistake I see triathletes make a lot is always trying to keep up with their buddies.  Though I think this is great for specific workouts throughout the week it shouldn't be every time you ride.  We have heart rate zones for a reason and we need to work all of them not just the one at the top!

Running:  Running is another place where triathletes get frustrated.  Many of them use their same biking practices to keep up with other runners.  This is the most dangerous.  Running is a full impact and can cause you injury the fastest.  Every run you do should have a specific purpose in order to be affective and prevent injury.  Chasing your friends around the block every time is going to lead to days spent on the couch recovering from injury. 

I would like make note here that when people finally go with a coach and all of a sudden the coach has them swimming, biking, running at a slower pace they immediately think the coach is making them SLOWER!  As a competitive athlete myself I totally get where that can be scary.  But what the athlete doesn’t get to see is the coaches overall plan.  In that plan in not to have the athlete go faster during their training ride with their friends it is to have the athlete go faster for their particular “A” race.  And sometime the “A” race and the big training ride with friends doesn’t correlate. The coach is usually better at looking at the big picture where the athlete only wants to look at the now…

Transition: I did a blog about transition;postID=1622852173276522837;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname

You are really big on weight training. How does that impact us as triathletes?

HUGE!  I have one perfect example for you.  During my training for IMAZ 2014 I was hit by a mail truck on my bike in August.  One week later I was back on my bike riding.  The doctors told me that if I didn’t have all my muscle I would have broken my pelvis, and shoulder. I would like to add that I have pictures of the dent I left in the mail truck ;).  That is an extreme example but weight training also is so important for injury prevention.  As a triathlete you are using your body so hard if you are not preparing your muscles for all of that use you are going to be injured.  Period.

How do we successfully add in weights to our training?

By making it short in duration and very specific.  It doesn’t need to be a full hour of pumping iron at the gym to be effective.  I meet with my athletes and see their areas of strength and weakness and design a plan accordingly.  But for someone without a coach I would suggest 20 min 3 days a week of squats, lunges, pushups, pull-ups, sit, ups and planks.  I strongly encourage you to get an assessment of your form so that you know that you are doing the exercises correctly.  This is another way you can become injured if you are doing these exercises wrong.  None of this should hurt in your knees, elbows, or shoulders.  If they do that is a big indicator you have poor form.

Your business is all about helping people reach their peak.  How do you do that?

I would say my business is about helping people reach their goal. Whether that is qualifying for Kona or finishing their first sprint triathlon.  I do that by designing a customized program that takes my athletes through a series of “peaks” and “valleys” that is very specific to that athlete and how they are doing with their training.  This requires tons of communication and assessments to know that they are hitting these “peaks”.  Everyone is so different and some people have a longer build period then others and some people need more recovery then others.  It is my job to adjust their training schedule accordingly.  This is a big difference from getting a training plan from a book.  A book is a one size fits all type of training plan.  It can work and the athlete can do well from it but there are so many areas of customization that can be done with the training schedule to ensure that the athlete does THEIR very best.

The TRI Club in Action:  From Training to RACING!

Way to go everyone for being out there doing what we do best, TRIATHLON!  We had a lot of activity and racing including the Escape from Alcatraz, The Sunrise Series 5k, Lifetime Cap Tex, and the Dueces Wild TRI.  We were also out training and embracing the AZ Summer in all of its oven worthy glory!  Way to go all!

Upcoming Events-

7/6/2017- KIT STORE WILL BE OPEN!  We know there are a lot of you that are looking to purchase AZ TRI Club kits!  Keep posted for fit events and get your gear!

Every Friday- Catch us at Lake Saguaro getting in our open water swimming!

Meet up- Check Meetup for weekly rides, runs and swims

7/9/2017- Mountain Man Olympic and Sprint TRI.  Get out of the heat and join us for an awesome race in Flagstaff!

7/30/2017- 12 hours of pain spinathon.  Join our very own coaches as they help support a worthy cause.  Bring your bike and your trainer.  Come for 1 hour or all 12!  Its a great event for a great cause!

8/5/2017- White Water is hosting a BBQ!  We are hoping to incorporate a ride, run or brick into the morning and then party!  Bring your kits and smiles too for a team picture!

8/13/2017- Mountain Man Olympic and Half Distance IRONMAN!  This is a FANTASTIC race!  Don't miss this end of the summer race.  

8/19/2017- The Epic Embrace the Heat ride up to Payson!  Don't miss this amazing bike ride hosted by Bike Accident Attorneys.



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Cadence Running Company- 

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Evo Swim Clinic-

June 2017 Update

Sponsor Highlight: EVO Swim School


What is the history of your business? 

EVO Swim School is owned and operated by David Tait. David is an accomplished athlete in the sport of swimming. He was a three time state champion and state record holder, a Junior National Champion, Senior National qualifier, and competitor at the 2000 US Olympic Trials. David coached a number of high school athletes to the State, Junior National, and National levels. He has over 20 years of experience teaching children, teenagers, and adults how to swim. His expertise has benefited children and adults of all ages and at all levels of aquatic participation.

You love what you do.......why?

We here at EVO have years of swimming experience and we LOVE swimming!  It is both a passion and a career choice for us.  The benefits of swimming are immeasurable and being able to give both adults and kids the love of swimming is invaluable to us.  We love what we do!

How does your business benefit our members?  

We know swimming can be daunting to many who don't have a background, but swimming shouldn't derail your triathlon goals.  Whether you are new to swimming and the sport of triathlon or an accomplished swimmer looking to improve efficiency and time, EVO swim school has got your back.  Becoming a competent and confident swimmer is our number one goal and our facilities and instructors are all qualified to get you there!

What sets you apart from other similar businesses? 

Today there are more and more choices when it comes to swimming instruction, however at EVO Swim School swimming has evolved. EVO Swim School is the premier school to master swimming goals at every level of competency. Our services provide instruction for every person at every level of aquatic instruction. EVO Swim School is by no means a boot camp, but a great learning environment that allows students a steady, consistent approach to understanding how to develop the right habits. These teaching techniques make our students safe, efficient and strong swimmers.

Racing and Events

Congratulations to everyone who raced this past month!  We were all out and about wearing our colors proudly!

Sahuarita Triathlon

IRONMAN St. George

Insomniac Night 10k

Chino Grinder

Sunrise Series 5K

Training, Training, Training!

It's getting hotter out there, but that hasn't stopped us from getting in our training!  Way to go to everyone out there getting stronger.


Events to Look Forward To:

6/3-4/2017- Dueces Wild Triathlon Festival-  Join us up in Show Low for a great weekend full of racing!  We even have some kids from the club representing in the youth triathlon.

6/10/2017- MT. Lemmon ride complete with cookies at the top!  Whether you have ridden up Mt. Lemmon before or are going to tackle it for the first time, you will not be disappointed!  This is a challenging and very rewarding training ride and the Cookie Cabin at the top is well worth the trek.

6/17/2107- VO2 MAX Test and Event-  This is a great event to come and see one of our own members have his VO2 tested and his results discussed!  Come and learn about this process and how it can benefit you.

6/25/2017- Boulder Sunrise Triathlon.  This great triathlon is located in Boulder, CO and we have got discount codes!  CO is gorgeous this time of year and worth the visit!

FRIDAY OWS- We are out at the lake every Friday morning early!  If you need to swim open water, we are out doing it!

From our Sponsors:

Just Wetsuits: 

Just Wetsuit is excited to be involved in AZ Tri Club and we appreciate everyone that attended the wetsuit demo.  Just Wetsuits provides the largest selection of new wetsuits. Just Wetsuits realizes that everyone is not ready to buy a new wetsuit.  That is why Just Wetsuits is excited to announce that has teamed up with Just Wetsuits. is the original online triathlon wetsuit rental company and they have fitted over 40,000 athletes throughout the country. has moved to Chandler and is excited to announce that they are here to meet all your Wetsuit needs.  Wetsuit Rental would like to provide you $15 off you next rental.  All you have to do is use AZTRI15 at check-out.  After your rental you can apply $40 towards the purchase of the wetsuit you rented or $40 toward a new wetsuit at  Our goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to explore openwater swimming and triathlon.

EVO Swim School:  The new facility in Queen Creek will be open June 19th!  This is a great location and a state of the art swim school!  Come and check it out!


May 2017 Update

Sponsor Highlight: White Water


What is the history of your business? White Water was started in 2001 as a water distributor for 5 gallon deliveries and small bottles. It started in a guest bedroom and had one employee. Through the years White Water has become more than just a water distributor. White Water now has a water production plant consisting of 6 bottling lines and 50000 square feet of warehouse in Phoenix, employs almost 50 employees and provides a wide range of different water services. White Water now not only distributes water, White Water also installs reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and bottles different types of water including alkaline and black water!

How does your business benefit our members? Everyone drinks water, right? White Water can install your very own reverse osmosis system, do filter changes, install water softeners or you can have 5 gallons (including alkaline water) delivered right to your door step. White Water also provides custom labeled water so you can have a bottle of water with your name on it or your business name. Tell your employers about our services!

What sets you apart from other similar businesses? Customer Service is the number one thing that you can count on! You are not just another number to us, we value each and every customer! The staff go the extra mile to get you what you need. Of course, pricing is also key. White Water beats the pricing of any other water supplier in the Valley! AzTriClub members get an additional 10% off!

You love what you do.......why? Yes, most days we do.  Not to say that there are not bad days, there certainly are.  But the good days are great and we try to have and enjoy the good days and make the bad days as good as we possibly can.  Positive attitude is a must, the employees will feed off your attitude; and if we are positive, they will be positive no matter what is going on that day.

White Water prides itself on how it gives back to our community and other communities that need water. White Water donates truckloads of water each year to CASS which is a local homeless shelter. White Water also has donated to put up water towers in the Philippines and Cambodia to provide their very first fresh water system. It takes our customers to make this possible!

Racing Season has BEGUN!

We had an incredible month FULL of racing and representing the AZ TRI Club!  We had a bunch of podiums this month and were out and about  doing our thing! Hats off to all who raced hard in all of our April Events:

IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3

Bartlett Lake Tri

Cactus Cup

Tour De Mesa

Rocky Point

Chandler Sprint Tri

She Power 5k

Cactus Man Triathlon

HIITS Napa 140.6, Zion Ultra and the Hollywood Half:

Train Hard, Play Hard

No matter what your goals are this year, one thing is for certain, TRAINING IS IN FULL SWING.  We are out all over the Valley swimming, biking and running towards goals!  Keep training and be sure to check MEETUP for the weekly workouts hosted by many of our amazing members.  

EVENTS: Mark your Calendars!

5/6/2017- Sahuarita Triathlon and 5k.  This one is coming fast!  If you aren't racing we could use some volunteers.  Don't miss this excellent race and watch many of our members compete!

5/6/2017- The Chino Grinder.  Many of our avid cyclists have been preparing for this awesome Mountain bike race and course.  Good luck to all racing and riding!

5/6/2017- St. George IRONMAN 70.3.  Lots of friends and members racing.  Good luck to all, go out and do your thing!

5/13/2017- Westuit DEMO, Open Water Swim and BBQ at Canyon Lake!  This is the event to be at.  Fun, Sun, Swim and FOOD!  Put it on your calendars and if you need more information check the FACEBOOK Event Link:

5/20/2017- Sand Hollow Triathlon.  AZ TRI Club members get an awesome discount for this Utah race.  Gorgeous views and a fantastic locale for a great race.

5/20/2017- VO2 Max Test for Endurance Athletes.  This is an excellent event to learn all you want to know about VO2 testing and science.  One of our members, Paul Weigel has graciously offered to let all of us come and observe the testing process.  Don't miss it!

5/27/2017- Mount  Lemmon Ride!  Come one and all to tackle Tucson's Mount Lemmon.  This will be GREAT ride and a perfect time for training, plus there are cookies at the top! Come and give the climb a try!  Stay posted on Facebook and Meetup for more details.

6/3-4/2017- Dueces Wild Triathlon Festival.  Mark your calendars for this fantastic weekend of racing!  Come up to the mountains, escape the heat and race or volunteer.  We may even have some young members competing in the youth triathlon.  Don't miss it!

From our Sponsors

  • ROAD ID- Don't ride or run without it!  This month through May 20th, AZ TRI CLUB members get 20% off their purchase.  Keep safe...WEAR YOUR ROAD ID!


  • Velocraft Cycling: NEW location for Velocraft Cycling in Mesa, bicycle repair and fitting services we are by appointment.

7325 E Hampton Ave #107 Mesa Arizona 85209  

Phone # you can txt or call 480-267-0026 

Open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm closed on the weekend. Please visit the website for more info. 


  • Cadence Running Company:  We have some great deals for MAY, check them out here and then come on in!

1.  All brooks and moving comfort bras 40% off

2.  On mother's day, all women who mention AZ Tri Club take 35% off all clothing

3.  Brooks demo apparel on clearance at 60% off 

4.  Zoot tri and cycling apparel $35 per piece


  • Rudy Project:  We will be doing a memorial day sale at the end of the month!  Stay posted for great deals!


  • Bike Accident Attorneys: 

"Embrace The Heat" ride to Payson AZ is filling up fast! If you want a spot, sign up quick! Site is:

Also - our BAA Team/Club Pool Party is Saturday May 13th and any of our cycling friends are invited to attend. Cool swag. Bring a side dish to share and your own drinks. BBQ provided by us.


April 2017 Update

Sponsor Highlights

This month we are going to begin highlighting our sponsors and introducing the incredible businesses that have partnered with AZ TRI Club to make your triathlon journey that much better!  This month we are going to hear from Cadence Running Commpany, Bike Accident Attorneys and Just Wetsuits.

Cadence Running Company

What is the history of your business?

Cadence Running Company opened it's doors in 2013.  I had been managing running specialty stores in Illinois and Arizona for over 15 years, so when the opportunity arose to open my own store we took it.  

You love what you do.......why?

I have found it rewarding over the years to help people find the appropriate shoe for their needs, overcome injury, and run healthy.  Frankly, I just love to run and hope to share that passion with others. My belief, which is the principle that Cadence Running Company is founded on, is that we should take the time to establish a relationship with clients, not just sell shoes to people who want to run.  By understanding your history, your injuries, your goals and by analyzing your gait, we can help maximize your running experience.  We want to fit you with the appropriate shoe for you.  Once you have the right shoe, we want to work with you to make sure you are running with proper technique and form to minimize risk of injury.  I believe that with hard work, any goal is within reach.  

How does your business benefit our members?

Aside from the obvious product discount, getting properly fitted for running shoes will help AZTriClub members maximize their overall triathlon experience-- maintain longevity in the sport and be able to focus on enjoying training while minimizing injury.  We also offer 5 group runs each week, members can test their fitness in a track workout, a speedy group run on Thursday mornings, or enjoy a social recovery run on Tuesday nights.  

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

All of our employees have years of experience in the sport and are very knowledgeable and well trained on the process of evaluating run form.  No one works on commission, and there are no "minimums" or "quotas" to meet.  We are not just here to sell product, but to make sure that when you do need something, you're getting the right thing to meet your needs.  We've been chosen as the number one retail store in Gilbert for customer service 2 years in a row.  We take pride in this and hope that everyone has a great experience at Cadence.  Without our loyal customers, we wouldn't be here.  

I know I already mentioned how amazing our staff is, but they truly are the best.  We have track athletes, hundred mile ultrarunners, trail runners, 5k and half marathon specialists, and ironmen.  As you can probably imagine, we've tested every product out there and have chosen only the best to carry in store.  This includes nutrition, hydration, socks, bottles, clothing, etc.  

If you haven't tried out the Recovery Corner in our store you're missing out!  Come by after a hard training day or race and spend a little time in the Recovery Pump Boots.  You've earned it!

Bike Accident Attorneys

What is the history of your business?

I have represented cyclists since 2006. However when I lost my father in law due to a bike wreck in 2013 I changed my focus and started an entire firm separate and dedicated to representing just cyclists. It was a turning point for me. I have never looked back and for the first time in my professional career as an attorney I am happy with what I do and the daily grind has disappeared all together. It is such a niche practice that my expertise has grown with some national recognition and I have cases coast to coast. I often travel out of state for complex bicycle cases for my clients. I now manage a national network of bicycle attorneys as well and help them develop their skill set and practice.

You love what you do.......why?

Bicycles. Bicycles. Bicycles. And more bicycles. lol. No seriously, I love riding my bike and now it just seems that my work is so bicycle related that I get to keep a finger on the pulse of the bicycle industry. I love that. But as much as I love the bicycle world I love the bicycle people more. My favorite part about my job is hands down the cyclists. They are incredible and they inspire me to be a better person and a better cyclist. I get deep satisfaction out of helping them in their time of need. I love supporting the bicycle community as well by actively participating in events, and sponsoring many local events. Every once in a while I stop and catch myself smiling inside because of how lucky I am to be a part of this awesome cycling community.

How does your business benefit our members?

Lets just say I hope the members of the AZ Tri Club never need my services. But I am here if they ever do.

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

As a personal injury attorney there are only about 4 of us in the entire country who can say they focus their entire practice on bike wrecks. Typically PI attorneys take whatever comes in the door regardless of the nature of the accident. Not only am I an avid and committed cyclist, I focus an entire law firm on representing cyclists.

Lets go ride together sometime!

Just Wetsuits

What is the history of your business?

Just Wetsuits was started by a couple who’s daughter owned Triple Sports in Scottsdale.  He saw a need to help triathletes find the correct wetsuit needed for each individual, giving them as many brand choices as possible to accommodate each athlete’s needs.  Brian and I, both triathletes, found this business for sale in 2015 and were excited to be a part of a community we loved so much.  We have owned Just Wetsuits for two years now and have enjoyed every opportunity to assist athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities to find the right wetsuit for them.  It can be quite overwhelming when you look at websites and terminology gets confusing.  We do our very best to help calm the waters and assist in getting the right suit for each person.

You love what you do.......why?

We love HELPING people.  We are “people” people!  Brian and I were once the customers feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to pick a wetsuit.  They aren’t cheap investments either so we know how important it is to get the right one.  This sport has such an awesome community of people and all we want to do is make something a little less overwhelming to triathletes!  It’s also such a great feeling when we get phone calls and emails telling us about how customers have just swam their fastest race yet, or how they were never able to swim in the cold lakes of New York in November until we got them the right wetsuit.  Their Thanksgiving was the best one they have ever had because it gave them the chance to do something they never thought they could with this new wetsuit.  If we can alleviate some stress, especially for those new triathletes, it gives us such joy.

How does your business benefit our members?

We not only offer 7 brands of wetsuits to choose from (the largest of any triathlon wetsuit store), we also pride ourselves on customer service.  We have also extended a 20% discount to your members (coupon code: AZTri20) on your entire purchase.   We are also excited to offer the demo day on May 13th for your members to try out various brands and their models to help ensure you are happy with your purchase.   We also offer many other accessories on our website as well as wetsuits, from bags to goggles, swim buoys to thermal swim socks.  If there are any issues that arise with your purchase, we will do our best to ensure the manufacturer takes care of it!

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

Primarily our customer service, as well as our selection.   We are available every day to answer questions, help sift through information, and determine what’s best for each person and their wallet.  We also offer a free care kit (Body Glide, Seal Cement, Zipper Care and Wetsuit Shampoo) when you purchase a new model wetsuit, a $30 value.  Because we are also triathletes, we know what it feels like to jump in the water in the wrong size wetsuit and how it affects your swim.  We know how to repair cuts when you are in a hurry and dig your nails into your new wetsuit unknowingly.  We understand the differences between one suit and another, and can explain that to you so you can feel confident in your purchase instead of guessing on sizing or model options.   In a world where customer service seems to have been forgotten, we go above and beyond whenever possible!

We are excited to be a part of AZ TRI Club and help athletes, seasoned and brand new, get what they need to make their race a little less stressful.  We are always available to answer questions and give pointers.  Feel free to call us, email us or send us a message on our Facebook page.  We love pictures of our customers with their new gear too so be sure to send us those too! 

March Happenings

Well, things are ramping up on the triathlon front here at the club.  Training is in full swing and we are already out and about!  Congrats to all of those who raced in the Lake Havasu triathlon!  We also had a handful of people participate in the Xterra Black Canyon Races and the Ragnar Del Sol!  Way to show your colors!

Big Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the EVO Swim Clinic we had this past month.  It was a great day of honing skills and finding places for improvements!

On the Horizon

We have a lot to look forward to over the coming months!  So many exciting things are happening and we want you to be a part of it!

4/1/2017- IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3.  Wishing our members racing some fast vibes!

4/8&9/2017- Phoenix Triathlon Weekend- Hosted by Racelab, this event is open to any and all triathletes and clubs.  Excellent training on both days including an OWS, trail run, bike ride and lake run!  

4/9/2017- Bartlett Lake Triathlon!  We have some members racing, come on out and cheer!

4/15/2017- VO2 Max Test and HR Zone Training for Endurance Athletes.  Ever heard, "I gotta stay in my zone" while riding with someone?  Well you do not want to miss this event all about understanding those zones.  The incredible Anna Sanders will be walking us through a VO2 Test while giving us the basics on why it is so beneficial and important!

4/22/2017- Rocky Point Triathlon!  Viva la Mexico!!!!  Join us as we head over the border for a weekend of racing and party!  Lots of Tri Clubbers going.  Don't miss out!  Even if you aren't racing come on down and cheer!

4/27/2017- Endurance Recovery Party-  Our very own sponsor Endurance Rehab will be hosting a great event on recovering after injury.  Space is limited.  See the flyer below!

4/30/2017- Cactus Man Triathlon-  This is a new one for most of us, but we think its going to be a good addition to the spring triathlon lineup!

5/6/2017- Sahuarita Triathlon-  this is a great weekend racing event!

5/13/2017- Labor Day Picnic and OWS out at Canyon Lake.  Come one, come all, bring your family and your wetsuit.  Come and enjoy a day at the lake with a great open water swim followed by good eating.  Just Wetsuits will be on site and will be demoing wetsuits!  This is a great time to try out a new brand!  If you would like to demo, please head over to the link below and fill out the info so that they can be sure to bring enough wetsuits!

From Our Sponsors


EVO Swim School- Our coaches workouts will begin in April.

Endurance Rehab: 

March 2017 Update

Meet Officer Bob Norvelle: Sponsorship Coordinator

Where are you from? What is your story?

I'm an Air Force brat with 3 sisters. I was actually born at Lackland Air Force base a long time ago. Del Ann and I met in Stillwater, Oklahoma, got married in 1985, and moved to Mesa in 1996 when I was hired by a local car stereo company.

How about family? Kids?

We have 4 kids. Jessica is the oldest, she and her husband live in Gilbert and have a 5 month old girl, Evy. Then there's Rhys, recently married and stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson; Mack, who is in the Army at Ft. Hood, TX, and finally Stephen, a Marine at Camp Pendleton. I was never in the military, but the boys are making up for it.

What started you in triathloning?

A friend of ours at church asked us to be on his team for the Mesa Sprint Tri in 2014. We had a couple of bikes I inherited from my father, who was an avid cyclist (he did PAC tour 4 times), so we got them in shape thanks to Two-wheel Jones and started riding. Getting myself in shape was what took a little longer. That first race was slow, and I walked at least half of the 5k run, but as soon as I saw my finishing time, I was already figuring out how I could improve, and looking for another race to sign up for!

What is your favorite event? Why?

I think the Patagonia Lake Tri is my favorite. It's such a beautiful place to camp, the race is well organized, and of course having some teammates there makes it even better.

What is the 1 thing people may not know about you?

I haven't actually built one in a few years now, but I build and play acoustic guitars under the Spirit Guitars label.

What excites you about the AZ TRI Club?

I love seeing new people get excited about triathlons. It reminds me how I got hooked just a couple of years ago.  A big passion of mine is to help those that may be a little unsure of themselves grow and blossom as they get a few races under their belt.

Best Racing Experience?

Each race gets better than the last. As a relative newbie, my fitness level is still increasing, so I enjoy progressively better performances with each event.

Worst Racing Experience?

That's a tough one. For most of 2016 I was dealing with an injury that made running pretty painful, so that was frustrating. But you know, in every race you are pushing yourself so hard that its easy to say to yourself "everything hurts and I'm dying." That seems like it would be the worst, but then you finish and decide it was really awesome.

What's next for you? (Race wise)

I'm a glutton for punishment, so I think Bartlett Lake Olympic again in April. I would like to complete my first 70.3 in 2017, but haven't decided which one.

A Month of RACING! 

We had an incredible month of racing and our members, were out in full force representing the club!  Here is a huge shout out to everyone who raced (some in heavy rain!)

Desert Clasic Duathlon

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Lost Dutchman Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10k and 8k


The Phoenix Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10k

Antelope Canyon

This Month's Events

3/11/2017- Group Ride up to Sunflower!  Come and join us for a great ride full of climbing and conversation.  We will have a great SAG vehicle!

3/18/2017- Havasu Triathlon and Tough Man Half IRONMAN.

3/25/2017- Swim Clinic with EVO.  Come and learn the basics or hone your skills.  Improve your technique and spend some time with the club!

OWS- Keep posted on Meetup, we are starting up our regular trips out to Saguaro Lake soon!  Spring is here!

From our Sponsors

Two Wheel Jones-  

We would like to offer the same helmet deal as last month plus double team discount (20%) on all in stock and in store profile design products.

AzTri club members double dip discount! For the month of March double your club discount (20% OFF) when you purchase the Bontrager Balista aero helmet at Two-wheel Jones. This is the best balanced aero helmet on the market; super fast, light, and super ventilated for the Az heat. The Balista won the Bike Radar Aero helmet shootout as well as Aerogeeks top pick.

White Water- 

Thank you to everyone who helped us work the aid station at The Phoenix Marathon!  It was a great turnout and an even better race! White Water gives AZTRICLUB members 15% off. We do RO system sales, rental, filter changes, 5 gallon deliveries with alkaline as an option, Custom label bottles and water softeners. 

Rudy Project-  

For two weeks, Rudy Project is offering us at AZ Tri Club 60% off and 25% additionally off of sale items. This is greater than our already generous 50% off offer and a great time to grab some incredible gear, such as the brand new Fotonyk.!

EVO Swim Clinic- 

Please promote this link for our upcoming adult swim clinic

February 2017 Update

Meet Officer Katie White: Volunteer and Event Coordinator

What's your story?  Where are you from?

I grew up in a small town in Iowa. Went to nursing school right away, graduated and moved to Palm Springs, CA for the adventure. I met a really cute guy that lived in Mesa, AZ so chased him here!. We decided the kids are getting too big too fast so I am no longer working as a nurse. I currently work part time for White Water doing some bookkeeping and accounting. LOVE MY JOB!

How about family? Kids?

I am kind of biased but I have such a great family. I have been married for 14 years to Chris White and we have an 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son. I could go on and on about how wonderful my family is but you will just have to run or bike with me if you want to hear more about them!

What started you in triathlon?

I love this story... Bridgit asked me to volunteer at a triathlon in Tempe, so the kids and I went to hand out water and nutrition. This was my first time observing a triathlon. I loved it and had so much aww for the racers. I had an adrenaline rush just watching them, I wanted so badly to do it too! Then one of the guys in our group said, "Katie, you should do a triathlon." I jumped at it and I owe a huge thanks to Bridgit for asking me to volunteer and then selling me her bike! She got me doing triathlons, which has evolved into my husband, my brother in law, his wife and my kids all doing triathlons too!

What is your favorite event? Why?

What is your favorite event? why? My favorite event is the Phoenix Marathon. The Phoenix Marathon is special because we have made it a family event. My husband sponsors the water and has a water station at mile 23, where you will see White Water employees and their family's handing out water and even playing in a band.  We have also recruited some people from AZ TRI club to volunteer this year as well! You will also see my parents and my in laws there too! In the race this year my husband and son are running the half and my daughter is running the 10k with my mother in law and sister in law. I was thinking we should have a giant party after the race but I know I will be crippled, unless the party involves cryotherapy. Hey- there is a good idea! 

What is the 1 thing people may not know about you?

Tough question, I am pretty much an open book. Probably that I was pretty much non-athletic in school. I tried every sport, I enjoyed the sports and hanging with friends, I just wasn't very good at them. The coach would put me in at the last minute because they pretty much had too, this was humiliating! By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I just stuck with cheerleading and cross country. 

What excites you the most about the AZ TRI Club?

THE PEOPLE!! I love this group and the support by everyone involved. Getting to know different people and how they got into the sport is so much fun! There is never a lack for anything to talk about, just talk about the "next" race! I also enjoy the meet ups that we have. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the clinics, open water swims, rides and runs and whatever else is offered. They are always fun and educational! Knowledge is power and it is important to do smart training. 

Best racing experience?

Best racing experience? My favorite race was my first, Esprit de She. It was a super sprint and I took podium.  That was the bug that bit me to get me hooked! They served wine afterwards too! Wow, how could this not be my favorite race!

Worst Racing Experience?

My worst race was the Tempe International in 2016. It was the worst for a very simple reason. I didn't train! I hadn't been on the bike for at least 2 weeks prior. It was a great lesson that I really need to train!

What's next for you? (Race Wise)

Currently I am training for my favorite marathon, the Phoenix Marathon! I am not signed up for many other races yet.  I will sign up for most of the local races though! My big race is Ironman AZ in November. I find that if I am not signed up for something, I don't have the same motivation to get out there to run, bike or swim.

Welcome New Members!!!!!

We at AZ TRI Club are so very excited to welcome all of our new and returning members for the 2017 training and racing season.  Our New Year's Party was a great success and that is because of you!  We cannot wait for the year ahead.  Welcome to all of our new athletes:

MaryAnn Viscusi

David Fowler

Paul Ivanich

Frederick Szatkowski

Mark Marey

Stephanie Rice

Sevy Gambs

Brian Conway

Jeanette Jensen

Rob Jensen

Eric Chernick

Jamie Cunningham

Gabe Phillips

Paul Weigel

Mark Waring

Danelle Fron

Events, Races and Training

The year has just begun and we are already busy training and racing in the new year.  How exciting!  Keep up the good work and a big shout out to all of the people who raced the Rock N Roll Phoenix races.  

Next Month:  What's Happening

2/4/2017- Phoenix Marathon Pre Course Training Run.  The event is on Meetup, come and get your long run in!

2/5/2017- XTERRA McDowell Mountain Trail Run

2/18/2017- Desert Classic Duathlon

2/19/2017- Lost Dutchman Marathon/Half Marathon/10k/8k

2/25/2017- Phoenix-Mesa Marathon and Half Marathon

From our Sponsors

White Water- 

White Water will give a 20% discount when You mention AZ TRI CLUB. We offer monthly 5 gallon plans and also receive a free cooler rental.

Cadence Running Company-

1.  We have clothing clearance going on at Cadence!  Mention this email and get buy one piece, get second piece (of equal or lesser value) 50% off!  Good through the end of February!

2.  Mary Knott is now adding athletes to her coaching roster for the 2017 season!  Contact her at if you are interested.

3.  Anyone who takes advantage of the clothing clearance sale will also be entered into a drawing for free TYR training and racing gear!  Please mention that you are part of the AZ Tri Club to be entered into the drawing!


AzTri club members double dip discount! For the month of February double your club discount (20% OFF) when you purchase the Bontrager Balista aero helmet at Two-wheel Jones. This is the best balanced aero helmet on the market; super fast, light, and super ventilated for the Az heat. The Balista won the Bike Radar Aero helmet shootout as well as Aerogeeks top pick.

Stop by for a cold brew coffee and check out our new selection of Aerobike accesories, just added to our store swim goggles and race number belts.


January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New YEAR!

Its a new year and we here at AZ TRI Club are very excited for what is in store! We hope that you have had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and are ready to gear up and embrace everything 2017 is bringing you as a triathlete. We have many new and exciting things to share with you all as well as some new officers to introduce to you.  Stay tuned in the following months as we reveal a lot of fantastic things!

RECAP: December Racing News!

December was filled with food, fun and holidays, but we cannot forget that incredible HITS Palm Springs race that kicked off the December month with a bang!  4 of our very own completed the Full 140.6 distance and several others tackled the 70.3 with fantastic success!

Looking ahead:

1/14/2017- New Years Party at Buffalo Wild Wings.  5PM You don't want to miss it!

1/21/2017- Strength Training for Triathletes at The Garage Personal Training.  This is a great event at a local training company.  

2017 Sponsors

We are very excited to bring on some new and old sponsors for the 2017 season!  Take a peek at the companies determined to help you have a fantastic year!

AZ TRI Club Store is Now OPEN!!!

The time has arrived and we cannot think of any better gift to give yourself this holiday season than the gift of a brand new AZ TRI Club kit!  Not only will you look fantastic at all your 2017 races, but you will be joining a great group of athletes and have access to all the member benefits (they are good too!)

Now here is the best part!  VR7 had decided to sponsor us which means.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.  We all get 50% off our purchase. WHAT??!!!! Yes, you read that right.  So when you purchase your gear be sure to include the discount code, AZTRICLUB.

The store will be open through the first week of January and we will have a couple "fit kit" meetings where you can come and try on the sizes so that you get the perfect fit for you.  

Thank you for your patience throughout this process and we all at AZ TRI Club cannot wait to race 2017 with you!

Here is the link for the team Store! Don't forget your discount code!


December 2016 Newsletter

Congratulations to all of our IRONMAN Arizona Participants! All of you did a fantastic job out there and inspired many!  Way to go!

Lo Perez

Bethany Longmire

Joel Kolling

Mike Finney

Chad Laswell

Meredith Warner

Paul Weigel

Joe Scallion

Dan Roosevelt

Huge Thank you to everyone at our Superhero Cheer Station!

Thank you all for coming and cheering our athletes on at the club tent.  It was a great day and we had a fantastic time representing as some superhero cheerleaders!  

Team Store

We revealed the new kit at the Pre IRONMAN party this year!  Thank you for showing up and seeing how we did this year.  It was a banner year and we are excited for more to come.  We know you are all excited to get some of the new AZ TRI Club 2017 gear.  We are too!  The store will be open soon so stay tuned for the specific date! Be sure to get your orders in early.

Whats Coming up!

New Years Party!  Stay tuned for the date and get ready to get 2017 started right!

We are making the big transition back into marathon season and anxious to add some races to the calendar.  Currently we will have a presence at Lost Dutchman and the Phoenix Marathon.

Two Wheel Jones

It was so fun to be part of the cheer station again!! Thanks for putting together such a fun environment!
Stop in and check out the seasonal specials! They keep changing, so stop in store!

EPIC Ride is Jan 7 at 7am. Leaving Augusta Ranch El. And returning to the VUE after. 115 mi. And 56 mi options. Time for some base mile training! 


November 2016 Update

This month we have some great insights from the one and only Larry DeMik from Two Wheel Jones.  Larry is simply the best of the best when it comes to bikes and with plenty of triathloning and cycling experience, he's your guy and Two Wheel Jones Gilbert is your shop for all your cycling needs!

1.  Tell us a little bit about TWJ.  Why do you love bikes? What is your philosophy (story)?

My wife and I opened the Gilbert location with TWJ as Owners in 2013. We are both big into cycling and have a passion for the sport. I have been racing bikes and been in the sport of triathlon for several years racing competitively with AZ TRI Club and Two Wheel Jones racing. My passion is bikes. I don't care what we are racing as long as a portion is on the bike!  

2.  You have triathlon experience, tell us a little about that.

I got into the sport in 2006 doing the Timex triathlon. I took 2nd place in my age group. From there I was hooked!! 

I think I am up to 8 or 9 IRONMAN finishes and around 45 races in total as a triathlete.

3.  Now for bikes......what is the most common problem triathletes have with bikes?

Taking the time to WASH their bike. That bottle of sugar you're drinking and spilling all over your bike is not good for the drivetrain.  Please wash your bike!!! Or drop it off on the way to work in the morning and you can pick it up same day. It cost $15 and it's ready for the weekend. I would say knowing when to shift is the number two problem.

4.  True confessions, I am terrible at caring and cleaning my bike.  How often should we clean?  What should we clean? Tools? Products?

Ya wash your bike weekly aor after your long ride on Sunday. Muc-Off make the best products to keep your bike clean and lubed. it's all we use in the shop.

5. How often should maintenance/tune ups be done? What most commonly wears out the fastest?

The first sign is miss shifting or noise in the drivetrain. That is the sign that your bike needs some love. The better care you give to your bike the longer it will last. Chain wear or stretch is something that needs to be watched. The chain is something that will breakdown the chainrings and cassette if not maintained often and properly enough. Please spend the money and get a new chain often to keep the other parts from wear sooner. 

6.  Lastly, you have a lot of things going on and some exciting new things to look forward to in the future?  Whats next for TWJ?

TWJ in Gilbert is moving more and more into bike performance and bicycle fitting services. We have Velocraft bike Fit studio using Retuls 3d fitting. Here is a link to see why we are different.
OK OK the cool stuff....... the bike tech side......... Ceramicspeed bearings, Enve and race day wheel rentals. I don't think I mentioned HUUB wetsuits!!! Next year is going to be Grand!!!!

Off to the Races!

This month we were out in full force all over the state and out of state!  What a great showing for the AZ TRI Club.  

Las Vegas TRIATHLON hit it off and our very own Rosario Patch took home the overall female award!

We followed that up with the Lake Powell Half Marathon

Then the Mesa Sprint TRI

Then the big 165 miler Cochise Classic.  Huge shout out to Dawn Brooks for taking 1st and to Bridgit Egosque for placing 2nd overall in that one!  Kuddos!

After that came The IRONMAN 70.3 which drew a bunch of members both racing and volunteering! Joel Kolling took podium in the relay. It was a great day and our club took home second place in the club competition!  Way to go guys! 

This same weekend we had a couple of our members represent as pacers for the Craft Classic 1/2 marathon.  Nice job ladies!

We then represented at the Lake Powell Tri and the Bartlett Lake TRI.  Bobbi Spargo took podium at the Lake Powell TRI, Way to go Bobbi!

And finally we had a great showing at the Patagonia TRI.  Bridgit Egosque took the 2nd place overall female award and our very own Katie White took her first podium ever! 1st in her age group.  YES!

And then there was TRAINING!

It was a BIG month for many of our members as they are making their final training push to IRONMAN next month.  There were hours and hours spent working this month and we are excited to watch our members represent in Tempe.  Well done to everyone who was caught out there getting it done.

Special Event with Cadence Running Co.

Our very own sponsor Cadence Running Company is having a pre IRONMAN event on November 16th.  They will be hosting the very accomplished Meredith Kessler and we have all been invited! Meredith Kessler is an incredibly talented pro Triathlete and claimed the first place win last year at IMAZ.  She will be meeting and greeting everyone as well as sharing her brand new book! Come for the friends, the shop, the conversation or just for a night out!  It will be well worth it!  Cadence Running Shop from 5-7pm!

SUPER HERO Cheer Station for IRONMAN

IRONMAN is BIG and we want to be out in force on the course!  This year our club is gonna be the Super Hero of cheer stations.  Come decked out as your favorite Superhero and help us cheer our team mates onto victory!  Come for a few hours or all day!  We need you out there!

Other Upcoming Events

11/13/2016- Pre IRONMAN/End of the year Party at The Vue!  Come for food, fellowship and to encourage our IRONMAN athletes.

11/16/2016- Cadence Running Event with Meredith Kessler.  5-7pm

11/20/2016- IRONMAN AZ!  Come out to the event and join all of our members at our Superhero Cheer Station!

12/3/2016- HITS Palm Springs Iron and Half Iron Distance races.  Many members will be out there.  Come and help cheer them on!

From our Sponsors!

Two Wheel Jones

  • TWJ Gilbert has some awesome news!! HUUB wetsuits, swim gear, and triathlon suits (long and short course) are in the house!! We do have demo suits available if anyone would like to try them out!! (Just in case you were looking for something for your Santa wish list for the spring season. ;) 
  • Also, Scott bikes are in and available for demo or rental in case you'd like to get a little cross training in but don't want to totally commit to a new bike!
  • Bob has joined our TWJ Gilbert team, so swing in and test his knowledge ;) He's been studying his bikes and Shimano tech! 
  • The Showdown is Nov 5th at Usery!! Come out to cheer, eat food from the Handlebar Pub and Grill (all local and organic) and hang out in the beer garden!! We'd love volunteers too if you want to join in the fun!
  • Keep in mind that January will be here in a couple of short months and we will kick off the year with our Epic Ride!! Spend the day on your bike with your friends and then grab some grub after!! Rides range from 56 miles, 100 or140/150. Pick your challenge!!
  • We wish you all great races in these last few races of 2016 and congratulate your great performance all year!! You guys rock!

Evo Swim Clinic

Here is our winter swim hours for adults. 

SAN TAN GILBERT LOCATION (November through March)
– M/Tu/Th/Fr 5:30 – 6:30 AM (chalkboard workouts only)
– T/Th 11:00 – 12:00 PM (chalkboard workouts only)
– Monday – Thursday 7:00 – 8:00 PM (chalkboard workouts only)
– $25 per month to swim as many times as desired

October 2016 Update

We are so excited this month to bring you a personal interview with the one and only Mary Knott, aka #FindingKona.  Mary is an unquenchable triathlete who qualified last year to race in the IRONMAN World Championships at KONA!  Mary is an incredible athlete with a wealth of experiences (she has done 20 IRONMANS!) and knowledge.  Her candor and presence has been an inspiration to many!

1. You're headed to Kona this month!  How does that feel?

OMG!  It feels amazing.  And terrifying.  And very surreal.  I can't believe it's almost here!  It really is a dream come true.  I am already super emotional.  If I start to think about it I cry.  Happy tears!  I can't even imagine what I'm going to be like in 2 weeks from now!

2. Let's step back a bit........when did you start doing triathlons?  Did you ever in your wildest dreams believe you would be here?

My husband and I moved to Arizona in February 2005.  We were marathoners, and were training for Chicago.  That was the first year that Ironman came to Tempe.  I was in St. Louis running the half marathon that weekend (in April 2005) and Dan called me-- he went down to spectate, and he was like, "there's this thing called Ironman... I think we should do it."  So many people here race triathlon that it was kind of a no-brainer for us to transition.  We put bikes on layaway and when our flight landed after the Chicago Marathon (in October) we went straight to the bike shop to pick them up.  We raced our first triathlon (SOMA) 3 weeks later.

My first 7 Ironman races were all finished within about a 10 minute window of time. I was not super fast, but I was consistent and definitely had a comfort zone.  During that time, my husband qualified for Kona twice.  The first time we went to the Big Island (2009) I brought my bike because I was training for IMAZ.  I did my long ride on the Queen K and it was the hardest, most miserable experience of my life.  I got back to the hotel and declared that I NEVER wanted to race in Hawaii!  Two years later when we went back, I had grown a lot as an athlete and my perspective changed.  I started to think I might want to race in Hawaii.  Around that time they introduced the Legacy program (lottery for those having finished more than 12 IM races).  

I was pretty close to 12 finishes so I started adding a few more races to my schedule.  I planned to finish my legacy qualification by the end of 2012.  That year I had an absolute breakthrough race at IMAZ finishing in 10:54, and 6th in my age group.  From that moment I knew I had to try to qualify for the World Championships, that I always wonder "what if?" if I settled for a lottery entry. 

I had no idea how much work it would take to get there but I was so passionate about that goal.  It literally fueled me for 4 years.  The dream.  The hope.  I just believed that if I kept working hard and didn't give up, someday it would happen.  In 2013 I plateaued.  That spurred me to hire a coach at the start of 2014 which was the best decision I ever made.  Before I hired Hillary (Biscay), we sat down to discuss things and I said to her; this is my goal, here's where I'm at, is this possible?  And she said yes.  Having someone else who believed in me and believed that my goal was attainable was so key over the last few years.  She's not someone who holds your hand in training, but she has been my biggest supporter (along with my husband) through this journey.  

3. You have done over 20 IRONMAN races.  Do you still remember your first one? What stands out about that race?

YES!  There is nothing like a first time Ironman!  I try to get someone new to do every Ironman race with me, just so I can see things from their eyes.  It's really the most amazing thing.  

My first race was Ironman Arizona 2007.  My family was there (the only one they've seen me race).  The day was so surreal.  It literally flew by.  There were so many people we knew racing and spectating and so much love and support on the run course.  I ran/ walked the second lap of the run (at the time the course was 3 laps) with another first timer.  When I crossed the finish line there were so many emotions but it was almost overwhelming how awesome the day had been.  I couldn't believe that in the blink of an eye it was over.  I still get choked up thinking about it.  

I had been preparing for that race for about 18 months.  3 months prior to race day, we attended a triathlon camp.  In one of the sessions we had to write down our fastest 2.4 mile swim ever, our fastest century ride ever, and our best marathon.  We used those times to "predict" where we could finish.  I finished within 6 minutes of my predicted time.   

4. How has your training been? Do you feel strong and ready? Have you trained differently for KONA? 

Training is good!  It's hard, of course, but I love it.  I have been doing triathlon now for 11 years and I have been working with Hillary for almost 3 years so we have built a very strong base and really, just consistency, which is so important.  My training varies throughout the year depending on if I'm preseason, midseason, or post season, and what races we have coming up.  This year since my focus has been October my early season was a little rough.  Normally I feel in decent shape by February or March.  This year, I took a longer off season and focused on my run so I didn't actually start triathlon specific training until March.  It was mentally challenging because it seemed like everyone around me was super fit and I couldn't keep up on training rides.  

I kept telling myself (and everyone kept reminding me!) that my focus was October.  And these last 2 months have been absolutely amazing with training!  I FEEL the difference and I know I am fit and ready to race.  It's really, really FUN to feel this good.  Training for Kona has been pretty similar to my training over the last few years.  We have added workouts to simulate parts of the race that are unique to Kona and I have done a month of "humidity training" in the steam room which has been interesting.  

5. The best way to deal with fear is to name it and take away its power.  Do you have any fears about KONA?

I have a lot of FEAR!  The thing about fear is separating rational from irrational fear.  A lot of my fear comes from that little place inside my head that is scared that I don't belong.  It is 100% ridiculous, and every single day, every single workout I tell myself I DO belong.  The mind is such a powerful tool and you have to be willing to use it to your advantage.  I am not talking ego, I am talking self-worth.  You have to be willing to believe in yourself and when needed, to do so loudly and boldly!  

As far as rational fears, I have done everything in training to maximize the likelihood of success.  I am terrified of the heat/ humidity.  I am from the Midwest, but I've lived in the desert for 11 years!  It definitely is a DRY heat!  But I'm 21 days through my 28 day acclimation program and every day gets a little bit easier.  I am prepared to deal with the conditions.  It will be entirely about managing fluids / calories.  I met with Brooke Schohl of Fuel to the Finish and had a sweat test done.  So I know exactly what I need to replace as far as fluids and sodium.  I have been practicing my plan in training and it will be a matter of execution on race day.  I know I can do it.  I have literally told myself over and over, "40,000 people have finished this race, there's no reason you can't be one of them."     

6. What's beyond Kona for you?  

SO MUCH!  The thing is I love this lifestyle.  I love triathlon, and I love Ironman.  I also love trail running and swimming.  I love riding my bike.  I really honestly do.  Probably a big part of why I have never experienced burnout or the desire to "take a year off" (totally don't get that!).  I knew that once I qualified for Kona, I would be able to unleash my inner beast!  I wanted to focus all my energy on that goal, but now that it's almost here I can start to plan for the future again!  

Next year the big race is going to be Ultraman Australia.  Ultraman is a 3 day stage race that covers 6.2 miles of swimming, about 265 miles of biking, and 52.4 miles of running.  

I'm also planning on Oceanside 70.3 (my absolute favorite race!) and my sister and I are meeting for a long weekend in Utah for a triple marathon (3 races, 3 states, in 3 days).  I'm hoping I feel good enough after Ultraman to do the Alaska Extreme Triathlon and Ironman Wisconsin.  I've signed up for both of them but am keeping my options open because Ultraman will be a whole different experience for the body!  

At some point I would like to run the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 miler.  And thru-hike the Appalachian trail.  And swim the SCAR challenge.  But one goal at a time.  :-) 

7. Our TRI Club is filled with new triathletes just getting into the sport. What would you say to those people who are still back at the beginning trying to find their love of triathlon?

My best advice:  Do what you love.  Build your support network.  And love what you do.  

If I didn't love Ironman there's no way I could get out of bed at 3 or 4 am every day.  I couldn't sacrifice everything I do if I didn't have a passion for it.  I never, ever hit my snooze button.  Ever.  I'm not saying it's easy to get out of bed at 4 am.  But it never crosses my mind to NOT get my training in.  It keeps me sane!  Whatever your passion is, do that.  If it's cross fit, do that.  If it's yoga, do that.  If it's triathlon, even better!  It's impossible to stay motivated if you're not doing what you love.  After all, you're not getting a paycheck (that is a different type of motivation). 

I am lucky to have a husband who loves the sport as much as I do.  We don't train together much because we have very different work schedules, but we support each other and encourage each other.  And we have surrounded ourselves with people who love to swim/ bike/ run.  My swim training partner and I have been together for about 4 years now.  She has done nearly every single swim workout with me.  In the beginning she kicked my @$$ a lot!  (She comes from a swim background).  Working together I have improved a lot and now we can push each other.  And she never blinks an eye when I tell her I have to be in the pool by 415 am!  I am so thankful to have her!!  

And love what you do.  Enjoy the journey.  The process.  Enjoy the little things-- how the sun feels on your skin that first warm day in April.  The smell of the orange blossoms biking through Mesa in March.  The sunrise on your long bike ride.  The crisp chill of the water in the outdoor pool in early November.  Celebrate every little accomplishment.  Never beat yourself up over a failed workout or race.  Learn from those moments and move on.  When you finish your goal race- eat everything.  Cinnamon rolls.  Pizza.  In n Out Burger.  Milkshakes.  Beer.  Whatever you crave (and likely sacrifice during training), celebrate with that!  I eat cinnamon rolls from Gilbert House after every Ironman.  Sometimes more than one.  And I don't scoop the butter off of them either!  Finding the joy in every part of the journey adds to the sustainability.  

Racing News!

A HUGE Congratulations to all of our fantastic members who raced and supported the Lifetime Tempe TRI!  Not only did we have a big group racing, but we had a couple members place in their age groups!  Not a bad day down in Tempe!!!!

We also had several other events all over the country that our members took part in.  From Ohio to the mountains of AZ all of our members were active and doing our club proud!  

Training and All that Jazz

It truly is a blast to see all of you out there training and getting to know each other!  We had a great time at our Labor Day BBQ out at Canyon and the month was filled with good quality getting stronger stuff!

What's Happening this month

10/8/2016- Brick workout and KONA Viewing at Cadence Running Company.  Come one come all.  Let do some work and then sit back and watch Mary Knott head off on her journey in KONA!  You won't want to miss it!

10/14/2016- TRANSITION CLINIC at Cadence Running Company with Two Wheel Jones.  This is an excellent event to tune into transitions and learn the tricks to make them fast and efficient.  TWJ will be there to talk about basic bike care and flat tire changing.  This is a FANTASTIC event to work on some of those skills that can be easily overlooked!

10/16/2016- IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona-  We have a few members racing and would love to have some volunteers out at Tempe!  This is the final big race before we gear up for IRONMAN!  

10/29/2016- Patagonia Lake TRI.  Get out of the city and join a host of our members as we tackle this tri!  A great venue and really fun course.  Volunteers are always wanted and loved!


EVO Swim School-